William Fornaciari

Head of the Lab, Associate Professor

William Fornaciari published six books and over 200 papers, collecting 5 best paper awards, one certification of appreciation from IEEE and holds 3 international patents on low power design. Since 1997 he has been involved in 18 EU- funded international projects. His main research interests cover multi/many core architectures, NoC, low power design, software power estimation, run time resource management, wireless sensor networks, thermal management, and EDA-based design methodologies.
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Giovanni Agosta

Associate Professor
Giovanni Agosta received the Laurea degree in Computer Engineering (2000) and the PhD in Information Technology (2004) from Politecnico di Milano, where he currently is a Researcher with tenure. His main research interests revolve around compiler technology. He has authored more than 80 papers in international journals, conferences and workshops, receiving 4 HiPEAC Awards and 3 Best Paper awards. He has been involved in 8 European funded projects since 2010, holding workpackage and task leader responsibilities. He is a full member of the HiPEAC network, and the organizer of two workshops colocated with the HiPEAC conference.
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Alessandro Barenghi

Associate Professor
Alessandro Barenghi obtained his M.Sc. Degree in 2007 and his Ph.D. in 2011 from Politecnico di Milano. The main area of interest for his researches is computer, embedded and network security. In particular, the activity carried out during his doctoral program focused on applied aspects of cryptography. In addition to his interests in computer security, he is also working in the field of formal languages and compilers: his current interest regards techniques for parallel parsing, employing operator precedence grammars.
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Gianluca Palermo

Associate Professor
Gianluca Palermo received the M.Sc. degree in Electronic Engineering in 2002, and the Ph.D degree in Computer Engineering in 2006 from Politecnico di Milano. He is currently an associate professor at Department of Electronics and Information Technology in the same University. Previously he was also consultant engineer in the Low Power Design Group of AST – STMicroelectronics working on network on-chip and research assistant at the Advanced Learning and Research Institute (ALaRI) of the Università della Svizzera italiana (Switzerland). His research interests include design methodologies and architectures for embedded and HPC systems, focusing on AutoTuning aspects.
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Gerardo Pelosi

Associate Professor
Gerardo Pelosi received the Laurea degree in Telecommunications Engineering in 2003 and the Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering and Information Technology in 2007 from Politecnico di Milano. His research fields cover (1) the area of information security and privacy including access control models, models for encrypted data management in relational databases, and secure data outsourcing; (2) the area of applied cryptography including side-channel cryptanalysis, system-level attacks, and efficient hardware and software design of cryptographic algorithms; other research interests are in designing security support into computer architectures and the logic synthesis of combinatorial circuits.
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Carlo Brandolese

Assistant Professor
Carlo Brandolese is a researcher at the Department of Electronics and Information of the Politecnico di Milano and a consultant researcher at Cefriel Research Centre. His research interests are focused on design and low-power methodologies for embedded systems.
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Davide Gadioli

Research Fellow

Davide Gadioli received his Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (2010) with a thesis entitled “An autonomous robot that can play hide and seek”. He then finished his Master of Science in Computer Engineering in 2013 defending the thesis entitled “Argo: a framework to support adaptability in multicore architecture”. Since November 2014, he has been a PhD student at Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria (DEIB) of Politecnico di Milano. His main research interests are application-autotuning, autonomic computing and approximate computing.

Giuseppe Massari

Research Fellow

Giuseppe Massari is a Fellow Researcher at Politecnico di Milano. He has a PhD in Information Engineering. His main area of expertise is focused on run-time resource management techniques for embedded and HPC computing platforms, based on heterogeneous processing units (multi-core, many-core processors, GPUs, FPGA, HW accelerators).
He is the head developer of the BarbequeRTRM, an open source run-time resource manager developed at Politecnico di Milano.
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Federico Terraneo

Research Fellow
Federico Terraneo received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in computer engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy, and his Ph.D. degree in Information Technology from Politecnico di Milano in 2015. Currently he holds a Postdoc position at Politecnico di Milano.
His research interests include embedded systems and the application of principles of control theory to the design of software systems.
Since 2008 he has been the main developer and maintainer of the Miosix embedded operating system.
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Davide Zoni

Research Fellow
Davide Zoni received the Master Degree in Computer Engineering in 2010 and the Ph.D. in Information Technology in 2014, both from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, where he holds a Post-Doc position at DEIB—Dipartimento di Elettronica Informazione e Bioingegneria. His research interests include RTL design and low-power optimizations for multi-cores with particular emphasis on cache coherence protocols, on-chip interconnect and hardware-based side-channel countermeasures.
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Luca Cremona

PhD student
Luca Cremona got the Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering with a thesis titled “A Methodology to Augment RTL Designs with Online Power Monitoring Capability”. Since then, he has been working at Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria (DEIB) of Politecnico di Milano, first as intern and then (from May 2018) as PhD student. His main research interests include low-power design of hardware architectures and RTL online power monitoring.

Andrea Gussoni

PhD student
Andrea Gussoni obtained his M.Sc. Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in October 2018. He joined the HEAP Lab as a Ph.D. student in November 2018. His main research interests are focused on reverse engineering, especially on the development of new decompilation methodologies.

Domenico Iezzi

PhD Student
Domenico Iezzi is a PhD student in Politecnico di Milano, with a scholarship in “Edge Technologies for Industrial Innovation”. He received the M.Sc Degree in Computer Science in October 2018, with the thesis “BeeR: an Unified Programming Approach for Distributed Embedded Platforms”. Now he’s working in HEAP Lab at DEIB and collaborating with Concept Reply in Turin on distributed resource management and Edge Computing platforms.

Niccolò Izzo

PhD student
Niccolò Izzo received its Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2017 from Politecnico di Milano (Italy). His thesis work was published as “Software-only Reverse Engineering of Physical (DRAM) Mappings for Rowhammer Attacks” (Costa Brava, Spain, IEEE, 2018).
He developed the Qualcomm® Hexagon™ frontend for the QEMU emulator with Srls. He is currently doing an internship at Micron, Vimercate, Italy. His research interests are on Hardware and Software Computer Security, with a focus on secure storage architectures.

Anna Pupykina

PhD student
Anna Pupykina obtained in 2009 a higher education degree in “Data processing and control systems engineering” from Samara State Aerospace University (Russia). She worked at the Department of Russian State Humanitarian University (RSUH) in Togliatti and at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of Togliatti State University (TSU).
Currently, she is a PhD student at Politecnico di Milano and works under the supervision of Prof. Giovanni Agosta. Her main research areas include runtime management algorithms and programming model extensions for deeply heterogeneous systems.

Federico Reghenzani

PhD student
Federico Reghenzani received his Master degree from Politecnico di Milano in September 2016. He is currently a PhD student working on HPC and embedded computing. His research interests are on resource management on heterogeneous platforms, embedded Linux systems and real-time analyses, in particular on probabilistic WCET estimation and mixed-criticality systems.
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Emanuele Vitali

PhD student
Emanuele Vitali graduated in 2015 from Politecnico di Milano after completing his Master of Science in Computer Engineering with a thesis on “Code transformation in high level synthesis for iterative stencils”. Since then, he has been working at Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria (DEIB) of Politecnico di Milano, first research fellow and then (from May 2017) as PhD student. His main research interests include hardware architectures and application auto-tuning.

Michele Zanella

PhD student
Michele Zanella received the M.Sc Degree with Laude in Computer Science and Engineering in April 2017 at Politecnico di Milano with the thesis “Energy-aware Run-Time Management of Distributed Mobile Devices”. He joined the Heap Lab at DEIB in may 2017 and he is continuing to work with as a PhD student.
His work mainly focuses on Distributed and Heterogeneous Run-time resource management in post-Cloud computing and his research interests include also Smart Environment architectures for human-computer interaction and run-time reconfigurable mobile applications. He is also passionate about psychology, music, as a organ player and choir conductor, and aviation, as a private pilot.
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PhD Stefano Cherubin

Former Research Fellow
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PhD Simone Libutti

Former PhD student
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PhD Francesca Micol Rossi

Former Research Fellow
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Andrea Marchese

Former PhD student