Talk “Research Intelligence and SciVal”

Luigi Rucco, Customer Consultant for Elsevier’s Research Management Solutions in the area of Southern Europe, France and Israel, on Tuesday 27th of March at 3:00 pm will be talking about the state of the art in Research Management and Research Intelligence solutions through a practical view on the use of SciVal and Scopus.

Here below is the abstract.
Today’s R&D landscape requires research managers to devise better ways to measure the quality and impact of their institution’s research projects. This need extends to researchers and young researchers, so that they can better position themselves in their scientific landscape, by constantly monitoring their performance and aiming for continuous improvement. Using advanced data analytics super-computer technology, Elsevier’s SciVal Solution, currently available at Politecnico di Milano, allows researchers to instantly process an enormous amount of data to generate powerful analyses and visualizations on-demand, in seconds. The talk is an opportunity to discuss the state of the art in Research Management and Research Intelligence solutions, as well as to have a practical view on the use of SciVal and Scopus.

For more info, please visit the DEIB website.