Harnessing Performance Variability in Embedded and High-performance Many/Multi-core Platforms

A Cross-layer Approach, is edited by William Fornaciari (POLIMI, Italy) and Dimitrios Soudris, Dimitrios (ICCS, Greece). This book describes the state-of-the art of industrial and academic research in the architectural design of heterogeneous, multi/many-core processors. The authors describe methods and tools to enable next-generation embedded and high-performance heterogeneous processors to confront cost-effectively the inevitable variations by providing Dependable-Performance: correct functionality and timing guarantees throughout the expected lifetime of a platform under thermal, power, and energy constraints. Various aspects of the reliability problem are discussed, at both the circuit and architecture level, the intelligent selection of knobs and monitors in multicore platforms, and systematic design methodologies. The authors demonstrate how new techniques have been applied in real case studies from different applications domain and report on results and conclusions of those experiments.
The book:
• Enables readers to develop performance-dependable heterogeneous multi/many-core architectures
• Describes system software designs that support high performance dependability requirements
• Discusses and analyzes low level methodologies to tradeoff conflicting metrics, i.e. power, performance, reliability and thermal management
• Includes new application design guidelines to improve performance dependability
One of the goals of the book is to be self-contained and useful for both academic people and leading edge industrial researchers. To this purpose, specific background chapters are included written by Antonio Gonzales, Jörg Henkel and Francky Catthoor.

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